Bouchra and Mohammed both work full-time in the hotel industry to make ends meet for their family. Even as a two-income household, Bouchra and Mohammed struggle to find adequate housing that’s affordable in metro Denver.

Bouchra and Mohammed are looking forward to partnering with Habitat to build a solid foundation for their family through homeownership.  Having a safe and stable place to live is especially important to them because they have four sons between the ages of 7 and 20.

They currently live in an overcrowded apartment, fitting their family of six into just two-bedrooms, because it’s what they can afford to rent. In addition to being too small, the apartment itself is inadequate with poor heating, loud neighbors, and deficient maintenance.

By partnering with Habitat to purchase a four-bedroom home with an affordable mortgage, Bouchra and Mohammed will set their family on a stable path forward.

“Our life will change because we will have more space, less noise, and room for my sons to do their homework and have space growing up,” shares Bouchra.

“We are looking forward to being able to call this place our own and take care of it. We are excited to fix it up and make it feel like our own home. We are so happy and very grateful for this opportunity.”